Safety Training Courses

We offer the following Safety Training Courses:

1. Safety Officer 2 Weeks

Safety Health and environment Management (1 Week)

We cover the following Modules:

  • Basic Principles of SHE
  • OHS Legislation
  • Technical Safety Aspects
  • Occupational Health
  • Environmental Management
  • Management Systems

2. Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (1 Day)

We cover the following Modules:

  • Requirements of Safety
  • Preparing to  Identify Hazards
  • Identify Hazards
  • Remedial and Follow up Action

3. Contractors Safety management (1 Day)

We cover the following Modules:

  • Contractors Safety Analysis
  • Safety Policy
  • Contractor qualification Procedure
  • Contractor Legal Implications
  • Control of Contractors
  • Contractor Specific requirements
  • General Safety
  • Accident Recording
  • Safety Policies

4. Incident Accident Investigation in the workplace (1 Day)

We cover the following Modules:

  • Legal and Organisational Requirements
  • Gathering Information
  • Completing Reports

5. Mines Health & Safety (1 Day)

We cover the following Modules:

  • Mines Health & Safety Act 29 of 1996

6. Oshas 18001 (3 Days)

We cover the following Modules:

  • Policies
  • Identify and control Hazards
  • Identify  people and resources
  • Prepare a statement of Responsibilities
  • Schedule Inspections
  • Developing Plans
  • Developing training plans
  • Developing plans to investigate accidents
  • Develop a strategy to involve workers
  • Evaluating your program
  • Return to work program

7. Safety File

How to draw up your own safety file.

8. She Rep (1 Day)

We cover the following Modules:

  • Identify Hazards
  • Evaluate and report Hazards
  • Preventative Measures & training
  • Legislation
  • Organising OHS Information

For Corporates:

More Safety courses are available, as well as the above, can be done at a venue of your choice. Days of training may vary to the above  depending on what courses we will be doing. Please feel free to contact our offices for more details.

Training available for Private and Corporates. Company Price list available