Nirvana Training Academy

Nirvana Training Academy specialises in real life simulations that range from First Aid Injuries to fire and evacuation drills.

After completing the training the first aider and fire fighter on site, do not get the exposure to practice what they have learned during this training. By having regular simulations these people get the opportunity to implement and practice what they have learned ensuring that should a real emergency arise that they will be ale to gully manage the scenario.

Our team consists of highly qualified people that monitor the learners during the simulation, a report is drafted after the simulation, and feedback is given.

Nirvana Training Academy offers a full range of medical equipment ranging from Basic Life Support Equipment, First Aid Kits, Firefighting Equipment. We offer refill kits for Medical Boxes.

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First Aid Courses

At Nirvana Training Academy we provide Theoretical and Practical First Aid Training Courses which are required to manage and take control in the event of an emergency.

Fire Fighting Courses

Our training academy provides you with the necessary fire fighting training skills & education to make the right decisions in any fire emergency situations.

Weld, scaffold & Rig

Nirvana Training Academy specialises in Welding, scaffolding and Rigging Training Courses to ensure all safety measures are in place, and skill sets are up to standard.

Operator Courses

Nirvana provides Earth Moving Machinery Training on Forklifts, Excavator, Tractor Loader Backhoe, Articulated Dump Truck, Front End Loader, Mobile Crane and more.

Safety Courses

Nirvana Training Academy believes occupational health and safety is a core value to the success of any long term sustainability of any business.

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Mission and Vission

Mission Statement

All employees working at Nirvana Training Academy are important. They are important to this Company and their Families. Each student has a right to information & Knowledge provided by Nirvana Training Academy. As a training provider we undertake to provide the correct curriculum against the correct unit standards. We undertake to make sure all our assessors are up to date with the recent training modules and have been trained accordingly.


To achieve our mission statement the following objectives have been identified for Nirvana Training Academy:

To provide quality training. To accept no substitute for quality education and training. Only qualified assessors are employed by the academy. To use only Unit standard modules that have been approved.


Our vision for the future is to grow substantially. What we would like to achieve is to become one of the leaders in the training industry.

To set an example for other training companies.

I hope you will join us in making a personal commitment to education which is simply a formal platform for many of the
practices Nirvana Training Academy has performed since 2010. In so doing, we will fulfill our purpose of building
and also sustaining the global community through education and training.

Director, P.G. PIKE, Nirvana Training Academy